If You Can Measure It, You Can Manage It

In any purchaser-provider scenario, both parties have expectations… …and responsibilities.  Those expectations are met only if the responsibilities of each party is understood and acted upon.  They can only be acted upon if each party has the competencies and capabilities to meet its responsibilities in the transaction, contract or project.

That’s why C-Metrics has been established:  to help organisations understand their responsibilities arising from, for example, their acceptance as a prime contractor in a project; to ensure they can meet those responsibilities by having in place the requisite competencies (skills and experienced application thereof) and capabilities (a much broader concept); and that both parties recognise that they each play a role in delivering an outcome that meets expectations.

Why Measure?

In all purchaser-provider situations, how do you know:

  • Who to buy from?
  • Who to sell to?
  • What sort of culture you are dealing with?
  • Who can deliver?
  • Who will pay?
  • Who will supply quality?
    • on time, as specified and to budget?
  • Who knows what they want?
    • and can specify it, properly?
  • Who can manage risk and uncertainty?
  • Who can manage change?
  • Who can be trusted?
  • What, how and where to improve?
  • When, what and how to innovate?
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